The projects are sustained by the donations received from KTSSC partners like Symphasis, Fastenaktion, Referat, Miva Austria, Lions Club Vienna and Valter Baldaccini Foundation as our main donors and other individual donors. KTSSC will not waver from partnering with like – minded   organizations in fight against illiteracy, poverty, inhumane living conditions and social justice. 

KTSSC is currently conducting a pilot project in Empowering single mothers with children in the program from the Mathare Slums by training them in Income Generating Activities and offering them seed capital to help them start small businesses like groceries, bakeries, cafes, retail shops, saloons, Selling of Second – hand clothes, food eating joints and many other Income Generating activities available in the slums. The Mathare Women Empowerment Program (MWEP) project started in May 2020 and is proceeding well. The main purpose of the project is to empower the mothers, empowering them will help them provide, support and educate their children without requesting help from KenToledo Social Service Club.

KTSSC’s long term prospects is to buy a land and construct a school and a vocational training institute where it can enroll these needy and destitute children. The children after completing high school education would then join the vocational training institute. This would cut down on operational costs and also would generate income through admission of other none needy children who would pay school fees and other school requirements. The resource would then supplement donor funding. In order to achieve this, KTSSC is looking to partner with like – minded organizations and foundations to further her goals.

We pride ourselves in getting services from our own students who will from time to time come and support our programs.  They volunteer during our group counselling sessions and are very handy in giving moral support to the cases that were select and give them hope having passed through our project. We have a network KTSSC Alumni who at their own convenience support our programs by donation of books and offering volunteer services. Our secretary Leticia Achieno is a product of our project and she is proud to work with us.  In keeping the running costs to the minimal we have adapted to keeping our office in a modest location in Eastlleigh which is neighboring Mathare. KTSSC is continually engaging with county government and other stakeholders through government sponsored and other stakeholder meetings in sharing the inherent challenges to gain support in solving the social economic challenges facing people living in deplorable conditions in the slums.