About our donors


First and foremost, we express our sincere most gratitude to all our donors and well-wishers for standing with us. Without your help and support we would not have made it this far. WE SAY THANK YOU

In order to achieve her millennial and developmental goals, KTSSC is looking to partner with like – minded organizations and foundations to further her goals. Currently, the organization has partnered with Symphasis, Fastenaktion, Referat, Miva Austria, Lions Club Vienna and Valter Baldaccini Foundation as well as Christa Foundation as our main donors. We are also grateful to all the individual donors who have stood with KTSSC from time to time in supporting her projects.

Ressolutions - sustainable business development

Education Support Program for Mathare Slum Dwellers

The main donors for this program include: Symphasis, Referat Mission and Entwicklung, Valter Baldaccini Foundation, Christa Foundation, and Lions Club Vienna. The number of children they support for Primary and Secondary education are as follows:

Valter Baldaccini Foundation40, 1in the university
Referat Mission and Entwicklung18
Christa Foundation6
Lions Club Vienna1 for 4 years
List of donors and the number of children they support

Youth and Women Empowerment Programs

Fastenaktion is the sole donor the Youth and Women Empowerment Programs under KTSSC. This is their 4th year of Partnership with KTSSC. Currently they supporting 15 poor and needy youths through vocational training institutes and other tertiary colleges.

For the pilot Mathare women empowerment Program that commenced in early June 2020, so far 15 women have been trained and helped to start their own Income Generating Activities (IGAs) like Retail shops, Saloons, Fruit and vegetable vending, tailoring shops, Cafes and Selling of second – hand clothes. These IGAs are doing well despite few challenges faced from here and there which the project coordinators are working very hard with the beneficiaries to mitigate.

Urban to Rural Integration (Relocation) Program

Since inception, six families have been moved from the Mathare slums of Nairobi to their villages where they are helped to built a house and start farming or an IGA. Those that have been relocated are grateful and progressing well. They say life in their native villages is better than the life they had lived a decade in the Mathare slums of Nairobi.

Currently, Lions Club Vienna is the sole donor for the program. Since our partnership in late 2018, Lions Club Vienna has aided relocation of one family to native arears of Kitui county in May 2019. This year 2020, Lions Club Vienna in early June initiated the relocation of a 2nd family from the Mathare slums of Nairobi to the rural areas of Murang’a County. The Murang’a house will be completed by the end of November 2020.

Project Car

Our main donor for the project car that was purchased in September 2019 was Miva Austria and Fr. Harald Mally. The car has eased the monitoring and evaluation process for various KTSSC programs. The KTSSC continually say thank you.