You can make a significant difference in the life of a CHILD by sponsoring them for the four years of their high school education. Your financial support provides funds for the student’s living needs, education, mentoring, youth camps, and leadership development.

Once your donation is received and processed, you will be matched with a student to sponsor. You will receive a student profile with background information regarding your student as well as his or her picture. Additionally, you will receive letters from your student, and you will be invited to write in return. We pray your relationship with your student is a blessing to you as much as it is to them!


By donating just €2.15 per day for the four years a student attends high school, you will be able to sponsor a student in Mathare Slums of Kenya. Students under KTSSC care are needy and destitute and are either orphans or from poor and needy single mothers in the slums of Mathare. Africa are sponsored for their full four years of high school. We encourage donors who wish to be paired with a specific student to make the commitment to financially support the entirety of the student’s high school education, which amounts to a total of €3,200. Also, KTSSC welcomes any donor who can sponsor a child through high school education for 1 year for €800.

If you wish to support students, but cannot make the financial commitment to sponsor a specific student for four years, we encourage you to make a donation of any amount to the Student Scholarships fund. 100% of money donated to this fund goes directly towards education scholarships, youth mentoring, impact youth camps, and leadership development for needy and destitute children from the slums of Mathare.