Covid-19 pandemic Food Donations

On March 13, 2020, Kenya reported the first case of Covid – 19 virus outbreaks. The outbreak and spread of the disease have greatly negatively impacted on the Kenyan economy at large.  The outbreak in Kenya led to shutdown of Schools, businesses and other opportunities. To those dwelling in Mathare slums has been a great challenge on the livelihood of the slum dwellers that depend on their daily earnings from   doing menial jobs like washing clothes and cleaning. This has made it hard for them to put food on the table hence facing hunger problems. 

Food donations given to the parents
KTSSC Director distributing food donations to parents
KTSSC Director distributing food donations to parents
Parents after receiving Food donations

We have parents/guardians coming to the office every day looking for food support; we thank God because we have had some friends who have supported the initiative of helping with food although not enough. KTSSC is greatly grateful to all the well-wishers who have chipped in donating food stuffs to the Mathare slums.   The donations have been passed to the needy families in the Mathare slums, at least for one week they have had something to eat.

Corona virus has made life for us very difficult because we are not able to get the casual jobs so as to be able to feed our children and pay rent. I am a single mother of six children. I want to thank those who have helped us feed our families in these difficult moments. God bless you all.
Life in the slums is very difficult because of many reasons, we have to buy water, pay for the toilet, we have no jobs and there is a lot of insecurity but I am very happy that many children are able to get education through this program and there is hope that the future will be better, we say a big thank you to those who are working hard to make sure that our children are educated. God bless you all.