our history

Ken Toledo Social Service Club (KTSSC) was established and registered on 5th November 2004 as a community/faith based organization in the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development at Nyayo House, Nairobi. It’s offices are located at St. Vincent De Paul Ozanam House along Sebatayet road, off Eastleigh Second Avenue in Nairobi, Kenya.

IMG_2386The organization has initiated various projects since its inception. Its initial project which is running up-to-date is education support program. KTSSC has supported over 250 children and 50 youth, some of whom are still in the program. Currently, it is supporting 75 pupils in primary school, 60 in secondary school, 15 in vocational training institutes and 6 in the university.


KTSSC BeneficiariesThe beneficiaries include orphans, vulnerable and marginalized children living in the slums. Some of their parents are HIV positive and currently over thirty (30)  are very sick. The environment where these families live is horrible and lacks basic social amenities and utilities.

Our last visit to the home of Mama Wambui remains the last trigger of the next adventure that Ken Toledo Social Service Club has embarked on. Mama Wambui lost her daughter recently to HIV – AIDS.

She is left to cater for her two granddaughters. She is herself very old and sick. She is not able to work to feed her grand children. The children are not schooling and at their tender age have decided to drop out of school to beg from the streets, which is the source of income that sustains them. Our visit to her home left us wondering what we could do to help her. She affirms in our presence her desire to return to her ancestral land and to die there, rather than in Mathare.

Like Mama Wambui, there are many others living in the Mathare slum with dreams that may not be fulfilled without an external intervention. Even though on a very small scale, KTSSC launched her initial relocation plan and three families have been relocated from Mathare slums to Western Kenya.



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